Falstria's Clothilde, SIA a

Clothilde's pedigree


Clothilde (called Chloé) lives with Wilfried Chevreux in Duisburg together with two oldfashioned sealpoint siameses and a little red-point boy. Not long ago, Klingeskov's Krysi (SIA b) came along, too.


Chloé has made a fine show carreer:

Date Place Result Judge
12.05.2002 DK-Maribo EX 1 G. Mantovani (I)
01.06.2002 D-Duisburg (Dt. Edelkatze) EX 1, BIS 6-10 M. Breuer (D)
07.07.2002 D-Ratingen EX 1, NOM A. Uddin (S)
07.09.2002 D-Schwalmstadt EX 1, CAC E.Reijers (CZ)
08.09.2002 D-Schwalmstadt EX 1, CAC, NOM L. Coste (F)
06.10.2002 D-Alzenau EX 1, CAC, Champion J.P. Rossi (B)
06.07.2003 D-Rheinberg EX 1, CACIB, NOM P.Scholer (D)

Clothilde and Louis Coste

Clothilde as a mother.

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